A Sweet Deal

Release date: 24 March 2014
A Sweet DealRichard Morgan can’t believe his father is considering a rival candy company’s offer to buy out the family business that he loves. Though the confections division is tiny compared to the family’s other ventures, it’s close to his heart. Maybe too close, since the thought of losing it feels like losing his mother all over again. Convinced it’s the best way to continue the Morgan legacy, his father offers Richard control of the company if he’ll secure the family name with a marriage. After a messy, public divorce, marriage is the last thing Richard wants to consider, but according to his father, it’s the only way.

Yvette Cruz is the beautiful, savvy mergers and acquisitions rep charged with brokering the buyout agreement between her company and Morgan Confectioners, and Richard Morgan is the only thing standing between her and the promotion she desperately wants. She came from nothing and worked her way to the top of her field, so she’s not about to let his refusal to cooperate stop her from getting what she wants.

Corporate rivalry gives way to an unwise attraction when the two meet and spendBUY NOW a night together that ultimately changes their lives forever. Two enemies find love, but a betrayal threatens to tear them apart. Forgiveness and redemption can lead to everything they’ve ever wanted, but some things can’t be forgotten.

by Monica Tillery

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Monica Tillery lives in Texas with her handsome husband and two sons, where she loves playing games, reading, and hanging out with friends. Find Monica Tillery at www.monicatillery.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


An excerpt from A Sweet Deal:

“You know what you have to do,” Richard’s father said, a sly grin replacing his kindly smile. “If you’re interested in my proposal—so to speak—then as soon as you’re engaged, I will formally suspend talks of a merger with Saffron. Once you’re legally married, I will turn over Morgan Confectioners to you.”

Richard regarded his father and weighed the offer, considering his options. Excitement welled up at the thought of gaining outright control of Morgan Confectioners. The company was his passion, his one true love, and to have it so close, within his grasp, was a thrilling prospect.

Finding a woman who would agree to the marriage would be easy. Chelsea had proven that well enough. He’d married her for love, but it wasn’t a full year before her true colors shone through. She’d been far more interested in the Morgan name and the money that went with it than with a loving marriage.

Richard had always depended on his ability to read people, to navigate situations by relying on his intuition. To have his marriage be little more than a deception rattled him terribly, landing a complete blow to his confidence. When it came to work, he always knew where he stood, what he wanted, but he doubted he’d ever be able to trust his judgment again when it came to romance.

Most of the events he attended for his charitable involvements or for business required dates, but that was as far as things went. Mentally flipping through the current selection of women he was seeing, Richard wondered if he’d actually be able go through with marrying any of them. He wouldn’t do to someone else what Chelsea had done to him. No, he’d have to find a woman who stood to benefit as much as he would from the arrangement.

Or he could actually choose someone and attempt a real relationship. Right now, that was the last thing he was interested in. He’d finally reached the point after his divorce where the thought of spending time with a woman didn’t turn his stomach, but there was no way in hell he was going to marry one. His marriage to Chelsea taught him one thing: he couldn’t recreate the idyllic nuclear family of his childhood just because he wanted to. He’d have to figure something else out.