Vintage Love

Release date: December 29, 2014
Vintage LoveRomance’s roots go deep into literary history, and Crimson Romance is proud to bring you this collection from one of our genre’s pioneers: Clarissa Ross. This rare set of classics highlights the surprisingly modern problems that trip up would-be lovers, from career woes to social status, family ties to old flames. Ross takes readers from historic London to 1970s New York City in these ten novels—but always leaves you believing in happily ever after!

Venetian Moon
Eternal Desire
So Perilous, My Love
Flame of Love
BUY NOWA Scandalous Affair
Wine of Passion
Jennifer by Moonlight
A Bridge for Judith
Only Make-Believe

by Clarissa Ross

Classic bundle
Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Author Bio:
William Edward Daniel Ross, W. E. Daniel “Dan” Ross (born 1912) is a bestselling Canadian novelist from Saint John, New Brunswick, who wrote more than 300 books in a variety of genres and under a variety of mostly female pseudonyms such as Laura Frances Brooks, Lydia Colby, Rose Dana, Jan Daniels, Ross Olin, Diane Randall, Clarissa Ross, Leslie Ames, Ruth Dorset, Ann Gilmer, Jane Rossiter, Dan Ross, Dana Ross, Marilyn Ross, Dan Roberts, and W.E.D. Ross. As Marilyn Ross, he wrote popular Gothic fiction including a series of novels about the vampire Barnabas Collins based on the American TV series Dark Shadows (1966-71).