What’s a Great Romantic Vacation?

Funny you should ask—though I don’t travel as often as I would like, I have seen my fair share of the world and have been to some very romantic locales. Here are my top three recommendations for places to visit with your significant other:
1. Paris, France: This one is a no-brainer. Paris is nicknamed the “City of Love” and French is the language of love. The city is absolutely stunning and offers plenty of opportunities for romantic excursions—including boat rides along the Seine and dinner atop the Eiffel Tower. Plus, in Paris, you can totally get away with having wine at every meal.
2. An African Safari: You might not think a vacation involving elephant dung and waking up at six a.m. every day would be romantic, but that’s where you’d be wrong, my friends. I had the opportunity to go on a South African safari this summer and it was the most amazing experience of my life. What can be more romantic than leaving your cell phones behind and braving the elements together to observe nature in its rawest form—and then going back to your lodgings at night to snuggle under the most brilliant stars you’ve ever seen? Pretty much nothing.
3. Las Vegas, Nevada: If you and your partner are more the partying type, there’s no better place to visit together than Vegas. The party goes all night, you can drink booze openly in the streets, and you can blow on each other’s dice (wink, wink) for good luck. And if you don’t want what happens in Vegas to stay in Vegas, you can visit one of the strip’s many chapels for a quickie wedding and a lifetime of love!

— Jess Verdi, Crimson Romance assistant editor