Q: Where do you draw the inspiration for your stories/muse?

A: My novel, Lake Effect, began years ago with a trip to Chautaugua, New York. It morphed into a full story when I became familiar with Lakeside, a Chautauqua in Ohio. As a writer, I draw my inspiration from many different sources. It could start with an article in a magazine, a picture, or even song lyrics. In fact, the original beginning to Lake Effect came to me while I was contemplating a beautiful picture of iris reflecting in a pond. I did use the line eventually (“The reflection of the iris shone in the water like a Monet painting”), but not until the end of the book. I love to watch people in restaurants, airports, or other very public places and try to guess their story. Sometimes that leads to characters emerging and telling me their story. Sometimes it just leads to strange looks!

Johannah Bryson, author of Lake Effect