Q. What’s a fun, romantic gift — that isn’t too expense?

A. Since I’m partial to Greek sailors, I find that keeping a bottle of ouzo on hand is about all that’s needed for fun and romance. If you’re not dating a Greek sailor, I can’t guarantee the results.

A great gift doesn’t have to cost a lot. Most people appreciate something that shows you thought about them and took some time–they don’t care how much money you spent (or didn’t spend). So, homemade cookies from his favorite recipe can be just as appreciated as dinner at a five-star restaurant.

And keep in mind that you’re talking about a guy, so consider what a guy is going to like. Beer and wings spring to mind. You may not find that terribly romantic, but it’s not about you, it’s about him! So, think about what makes him happy — would he like you to go to a ball game with him? Then do that. Would he like to skip Sunday dinner with your parents just this once? Then make your excuses.

And don’t forget hot sex (with or without chocolate syrup).

— Jennifer Lawler, editor, Crimson Romance

5 thoughts on “Q. What’s a fun, romantic gift — that isn’t too expense?

  1. Micah Persell

    You’re so right about the cookies! When I was dating my husband, I would go all out and make hand-written notes with excerpts from my favorite poetry (usually whatever I was studying at the time during the Masters…how romantic…to nobody but a Lit major), and all boo wanted was chocolate chip cookies. He’s very easy to please!

  2. Jessica

    Great advice! My boyfriend always complains how terribly unromantic I am (yes, I said unromantic). I’d like to do something nice for him and baking him cookies is perfect 🙂 I am not a good cook though so I may just go out and buy them. That may defeat the purpose but shhh–don’t tell, haha.

  3. PM Kavanaugh

    What about a text message in the middle of the day to say “I’m thinking of you!” He doesn’t have to pick up the phone, talk, even reply so that would seem to meet the male requirement of “no-hassle, no talk” delight!