Q: What is your favorite metaphor for relationships?

A: How about candy? 🙂

Is it M&Ms, for moans & moans? Or how about Lemon Drops, which are sweet, savory, and tart?

Every successful relationship has plenty of M&Ms and SS&Ts. Maybe your flavors will vary, but there’s no denying it, a relationship needs flavor.

You’ve got to have that Mmmm factor, otherwise classified as M&Ms, because it proves that you’re both madly and passionately in love with each other. Without the Mmmm factor behind, say, the kiss, where’s the attraction? You might as well be kissing your kid brother goodbye when he’s boarding the bus for school.

Then there’s the SS&T factor. The first “S” represents the fact that every relationship needs a shared sweetness. It’s the compassion, respect, and admiration that we shower on another person. Everyone knows you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. A relationship, like all candy, has to be sweet, that’s kind of a given.

But what makes the relationship extra special is the S&T factor, the savory and tart. Think of this as the fun part, the interesting part, that’s filled with surprises. No one wants a dull relationship, we all want to laugh and play like kids. So if your relationship seems salty, get back in the game with some lip-smacking fun. If you’ve never been to a boxing match, go. If you’ve never seen an opera, go. If you want to travel to Scotland, go. Just do something that’s unexpected…but in a good way.

Remember this take off from Shakespeare: If candy be the food of LOVE, taste on, taste on, taste on…

Coco Rousseau, author of A Room with a View: The Wild and Wanton Edition