Q: What do you get your sweetheart for St. Valentine’s Day if they don’t like chocolate?

A: Tough decision. Have you ever heard the saying, Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t love chocolate?

If it’s a gift from Johnny to Susan, that’s simple—diamonds. If it’s Susan to Johnny, I suggest you make him a steak dinner and the all-American apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you both like diamonds or the same things, the job’s easy, go with matching baubles, rubies or garnets if you want color, but crystals will do on a short-string budget. If that doesn’t work, go for a romantic card, a kiss, and offer to take your sweetheart to dinner. If your sweetie is a vegetarian, he or she can easily forgo the steak dinner you might choose and order veggies à la delectable.

For the chocolate lover, handpick chocolates and find something in your budget that sparkles.

Coco Rousseau, author of Age of Innocence: The Wild and Wanton Edition and A Room With a View: The Wild and Wanton Edition