Q: What are some of the sexiest words in the English language?

Well, I guess it depends on what you consider sexy, right? Since we’re talking about language, I think we need to start with the word itself. “Sexy.” It’s a very descriptive word, one that automatically brings a pretty clear connotation to people’s minds. But since we’re all different people, with different tastes and different turn-ons, the image it conjures varies from person to person.

Take the awesomesauce TV show The Vampire Diaries, for instance. (And yes, this example does work better if you’re one of those people—like yours truly—who find supernatural beings sexy, but even if you’re not, bear with me here.) The show is filled with indisputably gorgeous actors/characters, but we all have our favorites. For me, it’s dangerous pretty boy Damon all the way. For my best friend, it’s Stefan, the brooding ripper with a heart of gold. For another friend, it’s the fair-haired, English-accented Klaus. And yet another friend has no interest in the men at all and instead is attracted to the show’s classically beautiful heroine Elena.

The point is, since most people on Earth have different definitions of “sexy,” it’s pretty damn hard to choose just a few words as the most sexy. But let’s try anyway, shall we? I’ll start the list, and you guys add to it in the comments section!

Here we go…

Pie (And yes, I’m talking about pumpkin and blueberry… get your minds out of the gutter. I just happen to really like pie.)

What else…?

~ Jess Verdi, Crimson Romance’s assistant editor

3 thoughts on “Q: What are some of the sexiest words in the English language?

  1. S.D.Taylor

    Decadent, devour, fire, feather,, caress, kiss, taste, savor, explore, lave, whisper, bite, sweet, salty, tease, lick,fierce, thrust, forever
    I imagined two lovers’ first soulful kiss, perhaps a tear falling, brushing of lips into the realm of breathtaking, a joining together, when two find they’re really one.