Q. What are some great tips for making a picnic romantic?

A. In big cities most people think of a picnic as a bench in a public park. But in Texas there is more to picnicking than a park setting. In my book, What a Texas Girl Wants, Kathleen surprises Jackson with a picnic near her family’s old homestead. What is a romantic picnic to me? A special place – like the homstead Kathleen chose – a special person, and great food. Here are my tips:

First, lunch is so not the most romantic meal of the day. Picnicking in the evening has two benefits: 1) the night birds and crickets will serenade you and 2) everyone looks better in starlight. Don’t forget the candles ~ even in starlight, candles add ambiance!

Second, finger foods are a must. You could fill your basket with cheese, olives, and grapes or go for more ethnic fare, like tapas or empanadas. Kathleen might be raiding Guillermo’s kitchen for his famous empanadas as we speak! And maybe a bottle of chilled white wine, too.

Third, a comfy blanket because … well, you won’t just be enjoying great food!

– Kristina Knight, author of What a Texas Girl Wants (June 2012, Crimson Romance)

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