Q. What are some great romantic songs?

A. Songs carry meaning for most people. A few bars of melody open and we are transported back to a time, place, and event. The most romantic songs for two people are the ones that they first heard together. So always make sure to have a set of these songs together for a romantic occasion.

Annie, in California Sunset, loves music—in fact she wanted to be a singer-songwriter at one point. She and John discover their joint love of folk music and they have a great time introducing each other to new music – a great idea for a romantic date. They love to listen to songs by Ellis Paul—not classically romantic, but one of their first dates was at an Ellis Paul concert.

Annie has eclectic tastes! Some of her favorite songs for a romantic evening are:
• “Nessun Dorma” sung by Luciano Pavarotti
• “Crazy Sung” by Julio Inglesias
• “Some Enchanted Evening” from South Pacific
• “Austin” by Blake Shelton
• Any album by Tuck and Patty
Romance of the Violin (album) by Joshua Bell
• “Warm” and “Stay the Night” by Jane Oliver

— Casey Dawes, author of California Sunset (August 2012, Crimson Romance)

3 thoughts on “Q. What are some great romantic songs?

  1. Becky Lower

    I’m with Annie! Blake Shelton can turn me on anytime. And, as for setting the mood, nothing beats Some Enchanted Evening or Joshua Bell. Or Marvin Gaye. Otis Redding. Layla by Eric Clapton is always a good romantic starter. Music does form the backdrop of our lives, doesn’t it?

  2. Pam B Morris

    I love Luciano Pavarotti, his voice just melts into my blood. His “Nessun Dorma” chokes me up every time! I wanted to see three concerts in my life. Missed him, taken too early, saw Barenaked Ladies, they were incredible, and want to sit at the feet of Rufus Wainwright. Love lives in his E note, I swear! Great list, Casey. Thanks for sharing.