Q: What are some good ways to show someone you love them, rather than just saying the words?

One year an almost-relative of mine celebrated his wedding anniversary by hiring a limousine and took his wife to dinner and the theater. He had champagne chilled and waiting for them in the car. She was thrilled. Loved it.

And divorced him six months later.

Why? Because once a year he pulled out all the stops and overwhelmed her with a wonderful, full of romance, evening. For the rest of the year, he ignored her. He played golf with his buddies on Saturdays, watched the sport du jour on Sundays—with his buddies. Never noticed when the dishwasher needed to be emptied, when the laundry piled up, or when the groceries ran low. Did he love her? Sure. Did he show her? No way.

When it comes to showing someone you love them, it’s the little things that make the difference. The baby’s screaming in the middle of the night, so you get up and let your wife sleep. Husband’s been putting in a lot of hours at work on a special project, so you cut the lawn—what the heck, it’s a riding mower and you’ve been dying to get your hands on it, anyway.

You sit through another “blow everything in sight up” movie because last week he sat through a two handkerchief chick flick with you. And only rolled his eyes twice. He brings home your special ice cream or favorite cookies for no reason. Best of all, he never mentions the extra pounds those little treats have cost you.

These are the types of things that warm a person’s heart. You can say I love you as many times as you like, but unless that’s backed up with proof, you may end up like my almost-relative, stunned to find his wife gone because he always treated her so well—on their anniversary.

In my book, Daniel’s Desire, both Rosemarie and Daniel do the little things to show each other their love long before the words are ever spoken.

Which would you rather have? Spoken words of love, or actions?

~ Callie Hutton, author of Daniel’s Desire

3 thoughts on “Q: What are some good ways to show someone you love them, rather than just saying the words?

  1. Calisa

    I definitely want the all-year showing me/him over the once a year. I feel sorry for men like your (almost) relative who just doesn’t ‘get’ it. I’m one of the lucky ones whose hubby does ‘get’ it and enjoys doing those little things. :) Nice post Callie.