Q: Should you go into business with your husband?

A: If you can separate your personal life from your business life and you can mutually agree on the venture, go for it. It could be enjoyable because you share a common dream.

However, if you take on the role of a subordinate in the business relationship you may find some difficulty. Roles have to be defined to keep the harmony not only in the workplace, but also in the bedroom. One has to be objective, rational, and able to separate business from pleasure even when times are tough.

The solution is to have a well-defined business plan at the outset. Separate office space and mutual respect are the key. Define your roles and expectations. Practically speaking, have separate paychecks, retirement, and bonuses, and personal accounts so that your accountability is gauged on an individual basis. Be ready and willing to support each other because in the end you have more than just money invested in this business. Working together offers rewarding benefits. Secret smiles from across the room, an occasional brush of excitement when passing each other in the hallways, and always knowing your partner has your back can be very rewarding.

~ Daco, author of The Libra Affair