Q: My partner and I want to spend the night in. How do we make it memorable?

A: Have you seen society lately? It’s terrible. It’s no wonder that you and your partner have decided to stay inside for a date night. But how do you make it memorable, be it a first night-in or the fiftieth?

Here are three go-to tips for making a night-in something to dwell on, not something to forget.

1. Hang out in a clean space.
It seems like it should be an obvious point – nobody wants to cuddle in a room of filth! – but there’s more to a night-in than just cuddling. It’s a chance for both you and your partner to destress, relax and reconnect. It can’t be easy to do if you’re surrounded by clutter. So whether it’s the bedroom, the living room or the garage (I ain’t judging), sweep the crumbs off the table and throw the laundry into the closet to be looked at another time.

2. Lighting and seating sets the mood.
Do you want your night-in to be fun and full of popcorn-throwing and tent-building? Bright lights and comfy couches are the way to go. But if you’re looking for that night-in to be a bit more seductive, dim those lights and grab some blankets – or better yet, light a few candles. (Just keep them an arms length away. Don’t want to knock anything down during that… er, cuddling.)

3. Do something fun that you both love!
This seems obvious, doesn’t it? But often times, on nights-in, couples will settle in front of the telly for a show that only one of them really likes, or a sports game that the other isn’t into, or they’ll play a game to make the other one happy. Figure it out beforehand. Pick a movie you both want to see – action flicks normally make everybody happy – and throw some popcorn in the microwave. Buy a cake from the local bakery and split it and play an old board game. Get some whipped cream and forget about keeping the bed room tidy.

Stress is for the workday. Nights-in are for cuddling and sexy funtimes. Don’t waste them worrying about what your partner thinks of the cleanliness of the house or doing something only one of you love. Instead, have fun and love well.

– Nicole Brinkley, your friendly neighborhood editorial assistant