Q: Lady Marchmain, I’d like to make myself more attractive to the opposite sex. Any tips?

A: In all honesty, men have always swarmed about me like honeybees. I was blessed to be born beautiful, and not a day has passed since that has ever made me regret that good fortune.

However, I will let you in on a little secret. Confidence is the real key to beauty. Take my darling niece, Annabelle Layton, as an example. She’s quite the most beautiful thing. However, she has lost the confidence that such a gift bestows. She’s let an old infirmity color her self image, and allowed herself to be overlooked.

Anytime you ignore your gifts, whatever they may be, you risk the same fate.

Confidence is the most powerful weapon a woman can yield. If you want to be attractive to the opposite sex, realize that you have opinions worth sharing. Know that you have your own, unique blessings, and recognize them for what they are. Allow yourself to grow and mature whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself. Nothing is so beautiful as a woman who is comfortable with how she looks, how she speaks, how she interacts with others.

In other words, embrace yourself, and another type of embrace is destined to follow.

If you have any additional questions, come visit me at Marchmain House in Once Upon A Wager. I always have teacakes and a bottle of brandy at the ready.

~ Lady Sophia Middleton, Countess of Marchmain, appearing courtesy of Once Upon A Wager by Julie LeMense