Q: I’ve been asked out by a man who I’ve been attracted to for a long time. The only problem is we work for the same employer, a large company. I’m wondering what issues may impact us.

A: Probably the first thing to consider is if your employer has a workplace policy. Some companies do. Find out and determine if that impacts your decision to say, “Yes.”

If not, then other things to think about are how often do you see each other at work? What will happen if you both go out and then one of you decides to stop the relationship from progressing. Hard feelings or embarrassment. Can either of you deal such issues?

Conversely, what if you all enjoy each other and your relationship progresses?
Then consider open communication about your needs. Learning to make certain boundaries are respected so that while each of you is at work, then the personal domain is checked at the doorway into work. Also a consinderation,think about keeping the fact that you both are dating (each other) private until you know where the relationship is headed. And above all, make certain that each of you gives the other the space required at work. Meaning refrain from checking up on each other during the day or asking fellow workers about your new romance interest.

Workplace romances can be edgy and can spur gossip, but in today’s society with hectic work schedules, the job place is one area where it is easy to meet and learn about people with shared interests. Heck, you both agreed to work for the same company so that means you both have that in common. LOL. It just takes balance,communication and an commitment to respect each other at work and beyond.

~ Susan Arden, author of Tempted by Trouble