Q: I’m really attracted to a guy at work. He asked me out for drinks after work, but I’m not sure if an office romance is wise. What should I do?

A: Romance at work can be tricky! I think it’s natural to feel attracted to someone you spend so much time with during the week. Also, the excitement of dating someone in your office might seem like a wild and adventurous idea. But you have to be careful! Could it hurt your job? Weighing the pros and cons before you go out is vital.

The potential benefits could include: a renewed excitement to get to work so you can see that person, work emails that bring a smile on your face, sexual glances back and forth, office lunches together (everyday), and you’ll always have something to talk about.

The potential downfalls include: a possible breakup – then you’ll work with your ex instead, you’ll tend to alienate yourself from others in the office, you can be the topic of office gossip, and the most important is you could jeopardize your career.

How important is your job? If it’s only a temporary, then maybe it’s worth the risk. If you are trying to move up the career ladder in the workplace, then you might want to think again.

If you choose to go out, maintain a balance – keep work at work and your personal lives outside of the office. Professionalism is key. Overall, do what you feel is right and you won’t go wrong!

~ Melinda Dozier, author of Breaking the Rules