Q: I love romance novels, especially when the couples do things together, like movies or dancing lessons. I love my husband, but his idea of a good time is watching baseball or NASCAR. How can I convince him there’s a world outside the ‘man cave’?

A: Dear reader, I know it’s frustrating when your imaginary book boyfriends are being more considerate than your own spouse. The one thing I learned from loving a sports fanatic is that compromise is the magic wand. Let him watch his games and you go do something you love. Believe me, when you come back, all happy and excited from your outing, he’s going to be interested in what you’ve been doing. My cowboy and I attend sports events together. We travel to see his team play so I always get to pick the resteraunt. I’m not sure I’d ever talk the cowboy into dance lessons, but I’m racking up the credits in our compromise bucket, so maybe someday.

Lynn Cahoon, author of The Bull Rider’s KeeperThe Bull Rider’s Manager, and The Bull Rider’s Brother