Q: I did a really stupid thing. Two years ago I had a baby and I didn’t tell the father. After he found out, he was livid with me and demanded a relationship with his son. He is a good man and is proving to be an excellent father. Now, he wants the two of us to pursue a relationship and I admit, I am intrigued. But can we build a relationship solely on the common love we have for our child?

A: No, you can’t, if that the only thing between you. But is it? At one time, there must have been more. Maybe you have a foundation to build a life together. You’ll never know until you explore the possibility. My advice it to take it slow. Leave your son with grandma so the two of you can spend time together. My guess is you’ll know before long if you have a connection other than your child. If the answer is no, you found that out. If it’s yes, you might find yourself with the best kind of happily ever after!

~ Alicia Hunter Pace, author of Secrets Gone SouthSimple Gone SouthScrimmage Gone South, and Sweet Gone South