Q: How do I make time for romance?

A. Does this sound familiar? “Help! I’m married, my husband and I both have full-time jobs, we have kids, how do we make time for romance?”

The answer is in divide and conquer.  In The Bull Rider’s Brother, Lizzie struggles with letting James into the world she has built for her and their five year old son.  When JR falls asleep at the table, James carries him upstairs to his room and gets him ready for bed. Lizzie’s sent back downstairs to relax for a few minutes with a cup of tea.

My tips for making sure there’s time for romance? Let your partner take on some of the chores you usually complete.  Date night doesn’t have to be dinner out at a fancy restaurant and a movie.  You can feed the kids, bundle them off to bed, then have a candlelight dinner out on the deck, on the couch, or even in the formal dining room.

Just make sure your focus on your date is on each other and not planning for the busy family day ahead. Or sneak in a movie for just the two of you and cuddle on the couch with popcorn and adult beverages. Or set on the porch watching fireflies. (One of my favorites!)

But there is one rule to date night you must never break.

You gotta have them.

–Lynn Cahoon, Author of The Bull Rider’s Brother (June 2012, Crimson Romance)

9 thoughts on “Q: How do I make time for romance?

  1. Kay

    Sometimes I think we just have to take the plunge and break from housework. Dusting. can wait a night, it never goes away :)… Romance, on the other hand, doesn’t come back.

    1. LynnC

      Kay – Ha – you’ve been to my house. Seriously, I know as a young bride, my focus was way more on keeping the house clean than my relationship solid. I think I’ve learned better now.