Q. How do I keep from comparing the guys I meet to the amazing romantic heroes I read about in Crimson Romance books? No one seems to measure up once I get to know them. My friends say I need to stop reading so much but that doesn’t sound like a solution to me. Help.

A. Don’t stop reading. That would be a horrible solution. Get your friends to start reading so they’ll know where you’re coming from and what qualities you’re falling for in the men you’re reading about. 🙂

Seriously, you don’t want to settle for a guy less than perfect… for you. Not every hero in every story is Mr. Right for every heroine in every story. And remember, you are the heroine in your story. In my book, Broken Wings, Soaring Hearts, Jack Stinson is perfect for outdoorsy, plane-loving, get-your-hands-dirty, stubborn-headed pilot Hailey Holman. Why not make yourself a list of what you look for in a guy. We all have certain types of people we’re drawn to. And it’s not such a bad thing to admire a hero in a romance novel. We wouldn’t fall in love with them on paper if they wouldn’t be a great catch in real life.

~ Beverly A. Rogers, author of Broken Wings, Soaring Hearts