Q. Help! I’m tired of scouting the local coffee shop. What are some new and unusual ways to find Mr. Right?

A. I’ve got good news—you have lots of options! Meeting Mr. Right doesn’t have to happen on a blind date or an awkward dinner party arranged by meddling—um, well-meaning friends or family.

In this day of tech-toys, meeting people is actually easier than ever! Everyday we meet new people online while we socialize. Now it’s time to apply what we know and love to our dating lives. You can join an online dating site, connect via Facebook mutual friends, like the same things on Pinterest, or chat during a hashtag event on Twitter.

Ready to step away from your smart phone or computer? How about taking a new class in something that interests you? Maybe you’ve always secretly loved the tango. Now’s a great time to take a class and find a partner! You might just find a partner for life. Have two left feet? How about learning to cook Italian food? Maybe the uber-hunk with the Bolognese sauce on his cheek is looking for love, too!

Or you could be really wild and crazy like Cassidy and Evan in my book, Falling for You, and fall in love on a reality dating TV show! Maybe what you’ve been lacking all this time is a little competition on national television to get you into the dating game. Hey, it worked for Cassidy, it could work for you too!

– Heather Thurmeier, author of Falling for You (Crimson, August 2012)