Q: Do you think there is really hope for a second chance at a relationship? I fell in love for the first time when I was sixteen and he was a year older. We were together for a year before he went away to college in a different state. Though he promised we would make it work, he broke up with me (and broke my heart) only a month after he left for school. Now, it’s ten years later and we recently ran into each other again. The spark is still there and he is pursuing me, but I’m afraid of getting hurt again.

A: A long distance relationship is difficult under the best of circumstances and almost impossible for teenagers. Though my heart goes out to you for your pain at the time, it sounds like he did the honorable thing and ended the relationship rather than keeping you on a string while dating others. As adults, it might be that you are both ready for something now that you are not at such young ages. Will you always wonder what would have happened if you take a pass? If the answer is yes, I say give it a whirl! You are obviously interested. There are no guarantees, but second chances, forgiveness, and the risk of getting hurt are always part of the love equation whether it’s a new relationship or a rekindled one. Don’t let something that happened between two kids ten years ago cheat you out of what could be your happily ever after. Good luck!

~ Alicia Hunter Pace, author of Simple Gone SouthScrimmage Gone South, and Sweet Gone South