Q. Do Women Fall in Love with Looks or Character?

A. Although it’s true that more often than not we buy a book by its cover and are attracted to handsome men, I don’t think that first attraction is enough to make us fall in love unless we also find the person’s character interesting.

In real life each person has only one look and one character so it’s difficult to prove my point. But this is not the case with actors. It always amazes me how certain actors becomes their character so much so that they are virtually unrecognizable from one picture to the next.

Viggo Mortensen is an outstanding example of chameleonic acting. He plays the most romantic hero in The Lord of the Rings and no woman could watch that movie and not fall in love with him. Yet he is a completely different person when playing Gwyneth Paltrow’s con lover in A Perfect Murder, or the unshaved, unwashed father in The Road.

Over the years I had fallen in love with many actors for the characters they portray in a certain movie. And only once for his looks alone. That would be Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray, in the movie of the same title based in the Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Not surprisingly, it was Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray the inspiration for my character Becquer in Immortal Love. In fact, when attending the Halloween Party where the story unfolds, Becquer is dressed as Ben Barnes is as Dorian Gray.

What about you? Did you have an actor in mind when describing your hero or reading romances?

— Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban, author of Immortal Love