Q: All my girlfriends go in and out of love relationships and the guy is older. I’ve met someone special who seems perfect for me, but I’m the older one. Can a woman find true love with a younger man?

A: Despite a few celebrity couples who failed to endure the younger-man relationship recently, whether in matrimony or not, there are indeed benefits to this chronologically-different couple. Younger men are animated, adventurous, and less inhibited in trying new things or ideas. An intelligent male of enthusiasm and energy is not weighed down by life, baggage, or stress.

Most of us were raised with the scientific knowledge that girls are typically more mature than boys, therefore we tended to make friends or date males older than ourselves. Adolescence is the great divider, where girls enter the hormonal chaos much earlier and end sooner. So in high school, it’s rare to find a senior girl dating a freshman or sophomore. He might be a good friend and a shoulder to cry on, but a character actor only. During post-puberty, however, the sexes seem to level off — emotionally, at least.

A confident woman who is young at heart may be drawn to men anywhere from three to ten years younger than herself, avoiding more stodgy males closer to her own age or older. A younger man may bring additional benefits such as stamina and imagination to the relationship, like a love of dancing or a tear at the end of a movie.

So the answer is a definite yes.

Kathleen Shaputis, author of Her Ghost Wears Kilts