Meet the Arlington Aces!

The sports romance sizzler returns with a brand-new four-book series! After an independent league lays down bases in Arlington, Pennsylvania, this small town soon discovers that love and baseball make the perfect double play.

The Change Up

When workaholic real estate mogul Rachel Reed finds out that the father she idolizes has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she vows to rise to the occasion. She’ll help her dad, who’s also her boss, get his pet project – the Arlington Aces independent professional baseball team – up and running, then sell the franchise off to recoup their investment. The only thing standing in the way of her success is sexy landscaper Sam Sutter, who isn’t about to let her put a stadium in his backyard. The former minor leaguer has painful memories from putting his career first once before, but as they grow closer, can he break through Rachel’s all-business exterior and convince her to give love a chance?

The Sweet Spot

After splitting from her emotionally abusive ex, Helen Anne Reed feels like her life is spinning out of control. She’s busy managing her struggling bookstore, supporting her parents as they deal with her father’s Alzheimer’s, and raising her 11-year-old daughter Macy, who’s inherited her grandfather’s love of baseball. Helen Anne is far more comfortable with pearls and aprons than cleats and gloves. Luckily, Aces outfielder Giovanni Caceres takes Macy under his wing, and might just end up teaching Helen Anne a few tricks too. Can this breezy ballplayer help her learn to let go?

Book 2 — Available December 5, 2016

The Full Count

Aces pitcher Pauly Byrne has one golden rule: never date a jock. Romance isn’t on the table, especially since she’s already got enough trouble from a small but vocal group of teammates who aren’t happy with a female on the mound. Chief among them is her new catcher, Ian Pratt. But as they try to find harmony on the field, their chemistry off the field unexpectedly heats up. Now Pauly must decide if it’s worth risking it all for a guy who isn’t even sure they should be playing the same game.

Book 4 — Available in 2017